SRD - Download these web pages & other notes

Some notes on changes I have made to the System Reference Document (SRD) as downloaded from the official website

This material was originally downloaded from (the original SRD in RTF format can be found here) on the 17th of May 2004.

In general I tried to leave the text unchanged, although I have reorganized it in some places. In addition, some topics were repeated in more than one place, and for some of these I have combined the information in a single place. This generally involved lots of cut and paste and some editing and cleaning up. However all the important original information should still be present

I have however, generated a number of creatures with the Celestial and Fiendish templates applied, and included these. The main reason for this was that the summon monster series of spells can call lots of creatures with one of these two templates applied, and there are no sample creatures with these templates in the SRD. So I applied each of these templates to about 70 or 80 creatures (mostly animals), and have included these. You can find links to lists of these extra creatures by the appropriate template. The summon monster spells also link to them as needed.

In some places however there were clearly mistakes and I have attempted to correct these as listed below (also listed are any other oddities I may have noticed -- subdivided into rough sections now):

Classes (non epic):

Magic Items (non epic):

Spells (non epic):

Monsters (non epic):

Divine characteristics/Abilities etc:

Epic Classes

Epic Feats/Skills

Epic Spells

Epic Magic Items

Epic Monsters